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Women Who Inspire: Baker and Writer Dorie Greenspan

In 2011, when The New York Times asked "Are Apps Making Cookbooks Obsolete?," it cited Dorie Greenspan's app, Baking With Dorie, as a groundbreaking move, a "hint that books as kitchen tools are on the way out." That turned out not to be true, Greenspan says, calling the current atmosphere… Read more


Wardrobe Essentials: Holiday Attire Made Simple

Party season is in full swing, which means it's that time of year when I stand in my closet and use lots of four letter words as I try to find something to wear to the next cocktail party/get together/happy hour/tree lighting. Like so many things I tend to overthink,… Read more

Career Maker

4 Ways to Get Noticed By Potential Employers or Clients

Whether you’re interested in building your client base, searching for a new job, pursuing a side hustle that’s in tune with your passion, or seeking a “second act” career, one thing is clear. To get noticed in today’s competitive job market, you have to distinguish yourself from others with similar… Read more


Fashion Must-Haves for Your Festive Holiday Looks

They are finally here! The holidays and cooler weather, and not a moment too soon. So, let's start thinking about fun holiday looks to pull together. My money this year is on velvet! Everything from shoes and clutches, a long, elegant velvet wrap dress in deep green for that swanky… Read more


Finding Alternative Office Gift Giving Ideas for the Holidays

It was nearly a foolproof way to collect money for the boss’ holiday gift. His admin kept a card in her desk drawer. When you paid your contribution, she smiled, said thanks and opened the drawer so you could sign the card. No money, no signature. Someone at that company… Read more

New Surroundings

Reinvent Yourself in 5 Easy Steps

Your kids are in school all day or off to college and here you are thinking about your next thing. You want to do something you really enjoy. You’d like to get paid. You don’t want to commute. You don’t want a boss. Maybe you want a partner. You and… Read more


Prepare for the Unexpected with 3 “Plane” Truths

Pardon the play on words, but, as you’ll see, there is purpose for it. Several years ago, around three o’clock in the morning on a warm July day in Dallas, Texas, a twin engine Aero Commander carrying freight and newspapers, crashed into my house. As we would later find out,… Read more

Featured Destinations

Discovering Puglia, Italy: History, Scenery, and Incredible Food

There is so much to see in Italy. We are all drawn to the legendary cities of Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples and Milan. There is so much history, art, architecture, scenery and that incredible food and wine. Plus, with limited vacation time, there is not much time to venture to… Read more