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Skin Care & Make-Up

A Peek Inside Carmindy’s Makeup Bag

For 10 years, Carmindy Bowyer helped women see themselves through a lens they weren’t always comfortable with. She asked women to embrace their unique beauty on the TLC show What Not to Wear. “The gift of the show was that I was able to be a miniature therapist and a… Read more


Wardrobe Essentials: The Return of Boot Season

Talk about a wardrobe essential! No fall or winter is complete without at least one pair of boots. Luckily, boot season is upon us. Living as I do in Texas, one could argue that boot season is never gone. But for those of us who don't live on a ranch,… Read more

Career Maker

Are Your Contacts Napping? 3 Tips to Engage Your Network

When talking about how important it is to engage your network of contacts, it has been said, “Networking is not about collecting contacts. It’s about planting relationships.” Just minutes ago, the call came. “Valerie, you’ve been referred by xxxx.” It turns out xxxx is a client from 10 years ago.… Read more

Featured Destinations

Places to Visit in Scotland: Oban is the Gateway to the Isles

Looking for places to visit in Scotland? For first-time visitors, basing yourself in the city of Edinburgh or Glasgow has obvious advantages. But if you’re willing to venture a little further afield, the town of Oban on the west coast offers a wonderful alternative. Swap the city lights for a… Read more

Food and Wine

Grilled Swordfish Steaks Stuffed with Pepper Jack Cheese

This is one of those recipes that you will go back to again and again - but it always makes people do a double-take when they see it is a recipe for fish that involves cheese! You absolutely will not be sorry you tried this delicious combination the next time… Read more


Are Hormone Level Changes Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Thanks to the advances in medicine, we are living longer - but is our quality of life maintained? We know the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but why do some of us continue to feel unhealthy and worn out? Many women suffer from… Read more


What the Well Dressed Woman is Wearing This Fall

This Fall Season has so many different looks, that essentially there is something for every well dressed woman. However, there were still some trends that are showing up absolutely everywhere. Checks and plaids are omnipresent, as is the color red. Women, if you’re craving a powerful look for fall you… Read more


7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Wellness

Some of these tips to improve your health and wellness may repeat what you already know you should be doing. But, if you are like me, you may not be doing them consistently and repetition never hurts. I invariably learn something new and the reinforcement encourages me to take action.… Read more