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On the Fence About Cataract Surgery? Read This.

A version of this story first appeared on mylittlebird.com. Anyone on the fence about having cataract surgery has good reasons to delay—mainly the general advice given about elective surgeries: Wait until the issue interferes with your life, specifically with an activity you enjoy. For example, early cataracts can make it difficult for… Read more

Food and Wine

Fennel Asiago Bisque Recipe

With the winter weather still upon us, there's no better way to stay warm than with a hot bowl of bisque. Try this Fennel Asiago Bisque recipe that is sure to do the trick! Fennel Asiago Bisque Recipe 2 leeks 2 fennel bulbs 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1/4 cup dry… Read more

Personal Growth

10 Smart Reasons to Take Up Golf

If you are a savvy, fun-loving Prime Woman, then maybe this is the year to take up golf. Here is an array of reasons - whether you are a first-timer or someone who enjoyed the sport at an earlier time in life: 1. Epicenter of Power. Golf might as well… Read more

Featured Destinations

In Search of San Francisco – Part I

Everyone knows about the popular places to go in San Francisco — the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Painted Ladies of Alamo Square, etc. But there’s an even longer list of lesser-known places to go in San Francisco that reward visitors and residents alike with unexpected delights. Here, in an… Read more


Top 10 Most Popular Articles for Women

As Prime Women celebrates our 4th year of providing informative posts on everything from beauty and fashion to health, fitness, careers, and second acts, we thought it the perfect time to review our ten most popular articles. So, here we go - from #10 to #1. 10. Debra Atkinson of… Read more


A Letter FROM My Younger Self

There’s nothing new in the idea of sending a letter to your younger self, telling them what you know now and wish you’d known then. However, turning that on its head, I wish I could receive a contemporary letter now from the teenager I once was. Specifically, I wish it… Read more


The Color Purple…Can You Wear it?

Every year representatives from the Pantone company meet with a small group of fashion industry elites in a secret location in Europe. This is the “cabal” that determines the eight colors that will be represented in fashion and design that year. One of those colors becomes the “color of the… Read more

Career Transition

To Design Your Second Act, Flash Forward…Then Fill in the Blanks

Your life may span more years than you think. Best to be proactive, not reactive in designing - and funding - the life you want to lead. Start now to lay the groundwork for your second act. Expect the Unexpected. Be expansive in imagining the possibilities you want to pursue,… Read more