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India Hicks Offers a Grand Slice of Her England

THE UNEXAMINED life is not worth living. I believe we learned that from Socrates. Or was it Mr. Rogers? By way of an admittedly tortured analogy, there doesn’t seem to be an unexamined corner of any house in which the English lifestyle entrepreneur India Hicks has lived. In 2015 we… Read more

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Find Your Happy Place as an Entrepreneur

When I ask an entrepreneur how they feel about the fact they’ve created an income producing venture out of thin air, the responses are similar but they all have the same theme – they’re really happy. Through my blog VentureMom, I’ve had the privilege to interview and profile over 300 female… Read more


Feminine and Flirty – The Bow Shoe Trend

What's the latest shoe trend hitting stores this spring? Shoes that are at once flirty and comfortable. Cutting-edge and as soothing as the slippers you wear around the house. It doesn't sound possible, but turns out... it is. And maybe it will break the cycle of suicide by stiletto we've… Read more


7 Steps for Coping with Stress

Having just experienced a 6-month period of upheaval and uncertainty, I am acutely aware of the symptoms of ongoing stress. In my case, it came with fatigue, headaches, “brain fog,” and insomnia. Doctors report it’s common for people to experience high blood pressure, heart problems, skin conditions, depression, and worsening… Read more


Are You Being Health Food Shamed?

You’re hosting guests for the weekend, and you also know they tend to sleep in. Are you still considered a gracious host if you sneak out for your morning exercise class? Will they ridicule you for being "obsessed" with staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle? How about this… Read more

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Things To Do in Rome in Just One Day

I've been asked about things to do in Rome if you are there for just one day. First of all, you must realize that the center of Rome is just like a little village. It reminds me of those paintings done in the 17th and 18th centuries depicting villagers with… Read more


Detox and Re-Energize With 1 Easy Twist: Ardha Matsyendrasana

Including twists in your yoga practice will help you to find ease, balance, and serenity in all areas of your life. Twisting and lengthening your spine can make you feel re-energized and revitalized. Squeezing out toxins from your abdominal organs will cleanse and refresh you, inside and out. Practicing Ardha… Read more


It’s in the Bag! Your Travel Essentials Checklist

Full disclosure: My husband and I are pretty much minimalists, so we can take a three week trip in one carry-on bag each plus a purse/backpack, even when the weather ranges from freezing to broiling hot. So, the list below can be viewed as the minimum of travel essentials and… Read more