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Life After a Death: Sorting Through a Loved One’s Personal Effects

How do you go through your loved one's personal effcts after death? I recently had to clear out my late mother’s apartment and I've learned that sorting through personal effects is definitely not the same as moving house. Lots of people have sympathized that “moving house is a nightmare,” but… Read more


Wardrobe Essentials: Summer Scarves Dress Up Your Outfit

In this month's edition of wardrobe essentials, I bring you the ideal accessory to dress up your outfit. My outfit of choice, whether summer, spring, winter or fall, is a t-shirt and jeans. I know that is probably a terrible thing for a fashion blogger to admit, especially when dealing… Read more


7 Cute Tank Tops That Hold You In (and Up)

I love to work out in a tank top, but not all tops are created equal. I need a top with a built-in bra that provides both support and shape — I don't want my already-less-than-perky boobs smushed flat. I also like a tank that hits right at the waist of a… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Have You Asked Yourself – What’s in My Makeup? You Might Be Surprised

Over 60% of what you put on your skin, whether it be your face wash, moisturizer, or just your blush, gets soaked into your bloodstream in under a minute. How many years have you been wearing your favorite lipstick? Think of all the applications throughout the years and the effects… Read more

On The Town

On The Town with Prime Women

Last week, June 20-24, was The Royal Ascot, a major event in the British social calendar. This high stakes horse race is attended by the Queen and has always been known for high fashion with much of the focus on headwear, both elegant and fabulously outrageous. Despite the changing fashions over… Read more

Leadership Growth

Build a Personal Brand: 4 Ways to Promote Yourself – Without Bragging

You never know when opportunity will knock. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss an opportunity because you didn’t promote yourself when you should have? No one wants to be called a braggart. You know, the ones that are always tooting their own horns and taking all the credit. That… Read more


10 Easy Ways to Increase Happiness that Don’t Cost a Dime

Feeling better, happier, and more productive doesn't need to be complicated. Sometimes it is the simple things that make the biggest difference. Try these easy ways to increase happiness by reducing stress and finding time to take care of you. 1. Drink more water: Your body is 90% water. As… Read more

Leadership Growth

3 Smart Tips: How to Successfully Work with a Young Boss

There are so many upsides of working with a young boss - they are technically savvy, excellent multi-taskers and are willing to share knowledge. However, as we all know, these same attributes can also be a challenge. Communication can easily break down with the fast-paced work load and misunderstandings happen… Read more

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