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7 Easy Ways to Cover Gray Between Salon Visits 

More and more women are embracing their gray hair. But not everyone chooses that path. If you’re in the camouflage camp (no judgment here!), you know that maintenance is a pain. When you don't have time to get to the salon, there are a number of temporary touch-ups you can… Read more


The Best Makeup for Women Over 50

Every woman needs a great makeup arsenal regardless if you like to keep things natural or glam it up a few notches.  When you are using great products and taking care of your skin, your skin will take care of you by looking radiant, fresh, and even slowing down the… Read more


Shooting Landscapes: Tips to Improve Your Photography

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson once advised, “If you want to get better pictures, stand in front of better stuff.” As vacation season approaches, many of us will have the opportunity to stand in front of better stuff, whether in national parks or far-flung destinations. Let’s look at some ways… Read more

Family & Friends

Rocker Mom: Bonding with My Daughter, Clapton and Springsteen

When my daughter was thirteen, we had the best of bonding rituals. The moment were we in the car on the way to school (heaven forbid she’d take the bus), she’d turn on the radio and tune in to “Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo.” The drive to school… Read more

Career Maker

The Waning Gender Pay Gap

Play your part in lowering the gender pay gap – ask for a raise today! You, yes you, can play in a role in lowering the gender pay gap while securing the income you deserve. According to the Census Bureau, the wage gap between men and women is beginning to… Read more


Can’t Get Good Sleep? Help Beyond “Turn Off Your iPad”

“Though sleep is called our best friend, it is a friend who often keeps us waiting!”- Jules Verne Don’t you hate it when good friends keep you waiting? The older we get the more tardy our dear friend sleep may become, and peri- and postmenopausal women may find it hardest… Read more

Featured Destinations

This is Why You Should Take a Trip to India

Everyone said we were crazy to take a trip to India. “Why would you want to take a trip to INDIA?” they said. It’s nasty, it’s dirty, it’s full of beggars! Well, it IS that but it’s also so much more. "Incredible India" is a land of friendly people who… Read more


Do You Know What’s in Your Protein Powder?

Be a Picky Eater Consumer reports found unacceptable levels of heavy metals in randomly tested popular protein powder for women. This is a problem, considering protein shakes are often consumed multiple times daily. You know the program: have a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a healthy dinner.… Read more

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