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Vintage Recipes: A Blast from the Past

The Oldies are Goodies As we prepared to relocate, I decided it was time to downsize. That seems like a great idea, right? It was, but next, decisions needed to be made. Ugh! When we started going through the kitchen, the cookbooks presented quite the challenging task. Did they multiply?… Read more


Keeping the Faith: How Businesses Succeed with Christian Values

Our PRiME Women partner from across the Pond sent an article that appeared this past Sunday in the business section of London's prestigious The Times, titled Praise the Lord and Keep the Faith in Start-ups! Remarkable, really, that The Times would publish an article on business and the Christian faith in their Sunday… Read more


Wardrobe Essential: The Chunky Heel – Sandal Style

Our third edition this year in our wardrobe staple posts (or wardrobe essentials) is a block heel sandal. If I had to name my favorite style of heel available today, it's a chunky heel, but in a sandal style, especially for summer. That sturdy column of support makes me feel… Read more


Reduce Senior Moments by Increasing Brain Fitness

Can you truly stave off dementia? Here are the latest How To's for Brain Fitness. If you’re using the term “Senior Moment” a bit more frequently these days, you’re not alone. To support that fact, some startling data from The Alzheimer's Association states that women are at the epicenter of the… Read more


4 Tips for Traveling Internationally and Staying Connected

This is the situation that many of us experience as we approach and enter our 60s. You want to stay in the working world, but also want to travel. You're in good health and want to experience life and those bucket list experiences before it's too late. However, you're not ready… Read more

Featured Women

Mary Vernon, Artist and Art Educator

The 2017 Dallas Art Fair and one of its sponsors, Neiman Marcus, are honoring Mary Vernon as she celebrates 50 years of teaching at Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts. The downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus placed about 25 of Mary’s stunning paintings in its windows on March 23, 2017, that… Read more


The 16 Flattering Photo Tips You Need for Picture Perfect Results

Years ago, I met a glamorous blonde TV anchor at a Women In Communications event. Any time she noticed a camera in her peripheral vision, she turned to the lens and struck a flattering pose, never missing a beat in conversation. Talk about flattering photo tips! No wonder she always… Read more


Fitness and Wellness Trends to Watch in 2017

How is your 2017 taking shape? According to the annual American College of Sports Medicine, (ACSM) world wide report published since 2006, including 1801 responses received representative of almost every continent, and Consumer Reports these 10 fitness and wellness trends have the possibility to shape your 2017. Wearable Technology Whether you swear… Read more

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