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Look Slimmer with These 8 Wardrobe Illusions

Every morning we enter our closets with one goal: to create an illusion. Many of us want to dress in a way that will make us look slimmer. It’s not magic, but there are a number of secrets to “fooling the eye.” Follow these suggestions and see the difference in… Read more

Marriage & Divorce

Minimizing the Financial Impact of Divorce

There are steps you should consider to minimize the financial impact of divorce, whether you're currently in the process of filing, recovering from one, or watching it unfold for a friend or family member. Take precautions The single most effective divorce tool is a carefully outlined prenuptial agreement. Although entering… Read more

Anti Aging

Do You Need An Earlobe Repair Procedure?

Chandelier earrings are stunning, especially as an accessory to that perfect dress for a special evening on the town. However, many women over 50 cannot wear chandelier earrings due to damaged earlobes. If the hole is stretched, even studs don't stay in place. Worse yet, extreme stretching of the hole… Read more

Food and Wine

Wine by the Glass at Home? Yes, It’s Possible with a Coravin Wine Preservation System

Why concern yourself with wine preservation? Doctors now say that wine has benefits, yes, but one five-ounce glass per day is the healthy limit for women. Alas, that's bad news for singles or couples who wish to enjoy quality wine at home! There aren't many options of single-serving and split (half… Read more

Food and Wine

Romantic Dinner Menu for Two

If you want to have a truly romantic dinner menu for two, it's important that it be easy to prepare and the result, moan-able. Steamed lobster is the perfect choice. Enjoying this elegant meal in your home, using your special china and plenty of candlelight, roses and romantic music is… Read more


How to Get the Most Out of Your Good Deeds

Winter is full of holiday cheer, which sometimes fades as the cold weather drags on. But, here is some science that might brighten our February. Research shows that good deeds - our holiday gift-giving, caring and taking time for others is not only good for our mood, it is good… Read more

Featured Destinations

Scotland’s Outlander Series Locations – Part I

Set in Scotland and telling the story of a young woman who unwittingly falls through time, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels take us from standing stones to castles and battlefields, sweeping us across the Highlands with their powerful network of clans. The lives of Claire Beauchamp Randall, her husband Frank, and… Read more


The Best Hair Styling Tools for Women Over 50

Everyone wants to have a good hair day. Most of us need a little help to achieve that perfect hairstyle. I've chosen some of my favorite tools I use everyday on my clients. I consider them the best hair styling tools for women over 50. With these products, you're sure… Read more

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