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Book Review: Gray Divorce by Jocelyn Elise Crowley

My own "gray divorce" was finalized when I was just past fifty, twenty-five years in and after a long separation during which I kept looking for ways to make things work. It was a frequently troubled marriage, one with signs from the beginning it might not last, but also, frequently,… Read more

Anti Aging

What Would You Do to Get Rid of the Fat and Feel Better in Your Clothes?

It happens to us all at some point or another. You try on that dress, spin around to view your back in the mirror and see...back fat. Lumps above and below your bra that ruin the line of your dress, designer blazer, or even your trusty t-shirt. Then there are… Read more


Where in the World Do People Live Longer?

Curious if you are living in a location where statistically people live longer? First, Take this quiz: Rank the following locations giving 1 to the place you think people live the longest in the world, 2 to the location where its citizens attain the second highest levels of longevity and… Read more

Featured Destinations

5-Star Road Trip: Highway 395 and the Eastern Sierra Nevada

Mention the Sierra, and Yosemite or Lake Tahoe usually comes to mind. But there’s another side of the Sierra that rewards the curious traveler with equally dramatic scenery, fewer people, and less traffic. The Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway, as Highway 395 is called, is one of the best road trips… Read more


It’s the Holidays, Time to Get Your Party Hairstyles on Point

Paul Labrecque has written a special article on holiday party hairstyles for our readers. He is considered one of the most creative stylists and colorists in New York City. Year after year, New York Magazine and Time Out NY have named Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa in their widely read "Best of Beauty" issues.… Read more


Stop Battling the Bulge: Tips for Optimal Nutrition After 50

Proper diet and exercise today can help one achieve optimal nutrition after 50 by preventing post-menopausal weight gain and improving quality of life. As we age, our body composition naturally changes. Our skeletal muscle mass peaks in our 30s and declines thereafter, as we gradually lose lean muscle mass and… Read more

New Surroundings

Before Retiring, Make Sure You’re Going to Do It Right

Few people think of Webster’s definition when they decide to retire. For that matter, research indicates that few people do much thinking at all before retiring. Bad strategy. Webster's definition of "retire" reads: “To go away, retreat, or withdraw to a private, sheltered or secluded place.” Larry Jacobson, award-winning author… Read more

Food and Wine

Holiday Gifts for the Wine Lover

Every holiday I am asked, “What wine should I give as a gift for a friend, colleague, or customer who is a wine lover?” The answer: “Give the gift of their favorite wine, an iconic wine or a wine book.” Always ask preferences. “Will it be a sparkling domestic wine,… Read more

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