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4 Simple Flips to Create Good Health Habits in 2017

In years past, you’ve likely tried the extreme health overhaul. By the time we reach our prime, less than 10% of us set those grand resolutions, and only 16% of those who do actually reach them. Most likely, we've learned those grand plans don't work. This smarter, wiser you is going to love… Read more

Food and Wine

To Your Health with Spice Cake

We all want to become and stay slim and healthy and we know what to put on our plates to do so – vegetables and whole grains. But our taste buds and that inner child within us all keeps saying, ‘I don’t want to eat that stuff. Give me dessert.’… Read more


Loving It! Prime Picks for PRiME Women – 2nd Edition

We at Prime Women love to share the products we've found that make our lives easier, healthier, or just all around better. Our picks might include cosmetics, shoes, clothing, technology or organizational tools. This month we share finds by Prime Women co-founder, Dianne Patterson. Sweet Dreams Serious question! Do you sleep on… Read more


The Difference in Yoga Instructors and Practice: Part II

As we continue learning more about the practice of yoga and how to choose the right yoga instructor for you, I would like to introduce Eva Montalvo. In addition to being a certified yoga instructor, she has been an AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) Certified Holistic Health Practitioner since… Read more

Personal Growth

Achieving Audacious Goals in Our Prime Years

Women in their Prime often have important projects to complete. In the latter 1/3 of life, we are concerned about leaving a legacy, contributing to our profession and to society, and caring for our families, which often span several generations. We have dreams that might have been postponed during our… Read more


Power Dressing and the Message You Send With Clothing

I have to admit, I’m frequently shocked at what people consider “safe for public consumption” when it comes to their attire these days. It’s like the communication of clothing has gone the way of cursive handwriting, and the only thing that matters is the wearer’s personal comfort. Call me old-fashioned,… Read more


The Antidote to Overeating

Have you ever wished you could erase the extra calories you ate over the weekend or on vacation before they showed up on your hips? According to recent research, maybe you can. It's not painless, nor is it as easy as taking a pill, but you might be able to… Read more

Money & Finance

Financial Planning as a Show of Love – A Valentine Message

We are in the season of two “special” days that deal with commitment. One of them, “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day,” is about breaking a commitment. The other, Valentine’s Day, is about making a commitment to another person, at least in theory. Both can teach us something about commitment, accountability,… Read more

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