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Wake Up and Say, Hallelujah! Coffee is Good for You

If you've noted that pretty much everything you love eating or drinking is bad for you, this may come as hallelujah-inducing-news. Coffee is our friend. We always knew it was good for waking us up in the morning, or keeping us awake during those interminable meetings, or even good for… Read more


Sparkle, Glitter, and Shine: Choosing Your Gemstone Jewelry

What woman doesn’t love beautiful jewelry? We deserve it, and are worth it. But it should not just be beautiful – and pricey. When we invest in a good piece we want to make sure we will love wearing it for the long haul. Let’s look at the four fundamental… Read more

Career Maker

Thinking About Switching Careers? A New Opportunity is One Step Away

If you are thinking of switching careers, you don't have to go far afield to get a fresh start. You can draw on a business growth strategy called One Step Adjacent. It's a speedier process than a complete re-invention. You target markets and opportunities that have a logical and close… Read more

Books and TV

Join the Party Celebrating Jane Austen’s 200th Anniversary

Is Jane Austen the most beloved female author ever? Judging by activities planned around Jane Austen’s 200th anniversary and her ongoing fan following, there's a case to be made --- Two hundred years after her death in 1817, the six major novels penned by Jane Austen during her short life… Read more

Organization and Tips

10 Tips for Entertaining at Home and Enjoying It

Entertaining at home does not have to be a daunting task. I love nothing more than inviting friends and family over for a fun get together no matter the occasion. Not only does it give me an outlet to share my creative side and flex my organizational skills, but it… Read more

Leadership Growth

Get Connected – Essential First Steps for Twitter Beginners

Well done! You are about to join the 328 million monthly active users on Twitter worldwide. But why do you want to start tweeting? Probably like most Twitter beginners you have no idea, because you don’t know the potential?! So in this blog, I will give twitter beginners ideas as to… Read more

Leadership Growth

Fixing the Problem Instead of Placing Blame within the Workplace

Placing blame starts in childhood with a minor incident like a spilled glass of milk. A mother becomes upset and then hears... “He did it, not me.”  “It’s not my fault.” “She made me do it.” Kids learn early to try to avoid being blamed for anything, even when they… Read more


Favorite Yoga Poses: Awaken Your Inner Beauty with the Tree Pose

The Tree Pose is one of my favorite yoga poses because it brings a sense of strength from deep within, yet at the same time allows me to be totally free. It is a playful, happy pose that always makes me smile. As we learn to stabilize our Tree Pose… Read more

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