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Dating - New Love

26 Best Places To Meet Men in Real Life

Spring is finally here. People are out and about again, so it’s a wonderful time to meet a man. Yet, most women fear meeting men this way because they’re not sure where the single men over 50 are hanging out. I have a secret to share with you. Men are… Read more


Feeling Unhappy? Try Mood Boosting Foods

Want to boost your mood? Start by taking a look at what you are eating. Years ago, when my two girls were toddlers and I gave up my career to be a stay at home mom, my husband would waltz through the door around 7pm expecting a good meal and… Read more


The Wisdom of Travel Carry-On Bags

Experienced travelers swear by carry-on luggage. In the past I haven’t joined their ranks, mostly because I’m the sort of person who thinks if I may need something, I pack it. But for an upcoming trip that will require a series of getting into and out of planes, trains and… Read more

Anti Aging

The Sweat Stops Here with miraDry

Sponsored Post Are you ready to take on this summer? If you live where it's hot, you know summer means increased sweat and need for deodorants or antiperspirants. But now there is a solution for all that sweating. For many of us, excessive underarm sweating is a daily struggle and… Read more

Leadership Growth

The Secret to Successfully Leading Millennials

They’re accused of being overly ambitious, demanding, self-absorbed and high maintenance. Ask any 30 plus manager and they’ll tell you this and more. But are they? Actually, many of the twenty-something employees - those born between 1980 and 2000—often referred to as Generation Y or the Millennials—are getting a bad… Read more

Featured Destinations

In Search of San Francisco – Part 2

In my first post of this series, I introduced readers to some of the lesser known attractions on San Francisco’s waterfront. This time, I’m going to venture into that most iconic of San Francisco locales, to introduce some lesser known things to do in Golden Gate Park. Things to Do… Read more


Choosing the Perfect Wellness Retreats for You

If you think wellness retreats sound like a dream, you’re not alone. A Forbes article from 2014 revealed even then that boomers were already contributing a significant amount to a growing trend in wellness travel. A growing number of options are women-only. Whether you want wilderness travel or your idea of… Read more


Regaining Your Silky Hair Texture

How many of us remember that luscious feeling of our healthy, silky hair before menopause? Menopause almost always affects not only our skin, our sexual drive, our figures but unfortunately our hair too. Hot flushes aside, our hair is possibly the first most visible sign of the changes that occur… Read more

ProBiora Health - Smart Pets

ProBiora Health - Smart Pets