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The Ultimate Cover-Ups for Fabulous Poolside Fashion

The weather is getting warmer every day. The pool and beach are calling. In our teenage years and even into our forties, we wore cut-offs, shorts and/or tees as our swimsuit cover-up of choice. On occasion, we'd embrace the sarong, but always relegated our summer investment pieces to lacy dresses… Read more


Studies Find that Yoga Helps Depression: Say Om

Women are affected by depression nearly two times more than men. The increased influence of fluctuating hormones, economic status or situational reasons, are all suspected reasons why. What’s the answer? Could yoga be your new antidepressant? Studies are promising that, in partnership with medication, your yoga mat may help. The… Read more


Beauty and the Job Hunt

We'll all reach it—that number. We remember our parents turning the big 5-0. Somehow, we were all raised to believe that things would be easier by now and along came a bad economy and record-breaking unemployment. Here’s what I've noticed: the job search at 50+ is a little more challenging… Read more

Career Transition

Looking for a Career Change? Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Sometimes, we enjoy what we do in our paid careers, sometimes not. If the nature of your work or your life is changing - or you're just ready for something new - here is a path to consider: Turn your hobby into a business. It's a smart move. Children's Clothes to Hard Hat… Read more

Anti Aging

Could Your Sex Life Improve with a Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment?

I’m back at lunch with my friend Kitty Gahlorre. Last time we had lunch she told me all about a new laser procedure she was going to have done. This wasn’t your usual laser therapy for your eyes or hair removal or even acne; this was laser therapy for your nether… Read more

New Surroundings

On the Road Again: A Story of Self-Moving

To Move or Not to Move? It’s a big decision. Some people stay in one place all their lives. Then there are those of us who have made a move or two. You might need to relocate for business, a job, a life change or change of scenery. If you’re… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

How to Apply Blush and the Best Types for Mature Skin

Blush, or rouge, has been around since those gorgeous Egyptians were crushing up mulberries to rub onto their high cheekbones. Woman actually used to pinch themselves to attain that rosy glow we all so want! Can we just take a minute and appreciate modern cosmetics? The colors one chooses and… Read more

Featured Destinations

Pack Your Bags! Here’s Your Overseas Travel Bucket List

I’m going to go out on a limb for our U.S. readers and presuppose that many, if not all of you, have already crossed domestic treasures off your travel bucket list, such as:  National Parks like Yosemite CA, the Grand Canyon, Arizona; Glacier, Montana; Big Bend, Texas; Denali, Alaska; Acadia, Maine, etc.… Read more

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