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Personal Growth

New Year’s Resolutions Reinvented for 2017

Forget New Year's resolutions. Instead, develop your personal New Year's goals for 2017 - and the rest of your life! Here’s how. The 2017 Goal Book Journal I ordered arrived last week. I now need to spend about 90 minutes customizing it for me and laying it out for 2017.… Read more

On The Town

PRiME Women Celebrate the Holidays

'Tis the season when parties abound as we celebrate the holidays. (Left to right above) Prime Women's new editor in chief, Ann Franks joined Prime Women founders, Valerie Freeman, Dorthy Shore and Dianne Patterson for a night of drinks, food, and caroling. Parties are a great time to see what… Read more

Featured Women

Cindy Holloway: Travel Enriches Your Life – No Matter the Destination

The first thing you notice when speaking with Cindy Holloway is that she is happy. She is also intelligent and friendly. As the Director of Leisure Sales for North America with Belmond, these qualities serve her well. Belmond is a travel curator with a more than impressive portfolio of luxury… Read more

Personal Growth

Steps for Women to Join a Board of Directors: Step 2 of 8

Want to be a candidate to join a board of directors? Step 2: Write a board bio or resume for board of directors focused on your board positions and work experience. In one to two pages, summarize your work on boards (non-profit organizations, NGOs or for-profit companies) and current corporate work… Read more

Money & Finance

5 Tips for Successful Financial Resolutions in 2017

Help Yourself with Specific Goals, Not Vague Financial Resolutions Resolutions are top-of-mind now as we flip the calendar page to the New Year, but many of us hesitate to make them because we are so bad at keeping them. There are people who actually study New Year’s Resolutions for popularity and… Read more


After Christmas Savings Tips from PRiME Women

Editor-in-Chief, Ann Franks, has been tracking some of the hottest after Christmas deals for PRiME subscribers. “To get the best deals, think big ticket items like appliances and electronics that stores need to clear out to make room for the new models. Even though we still have winter weather to… Read more


Quick, Effective Workouts For Women

Feeling guilty about missing your regular exercise because you’re short on time? Can’t get to your regular class or sessions with all the extra demands? Relax! You can let go of guilt AND that long workout. Quick, effective workouts can potentially get you in better shape. In a recent round up of… Read more


Closet Cleaning: 17 Things to Get Rid of in ’17

As we look at closing the books on 2016, the start of the new year is the perfect time for closet cleaning and refreshing your wardrobe for 2017. A core question I ask all my Private Styling Clients before we start shopping their closet… “What are the items in here… Read more

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