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5 Things I Can’t Live Without – Nancy Keene

Personal style is an element of one's brand. We all have our go-to look - our preferences, practical necessities and a touch of something special. Here is my Can't Live Without list: 1. Big, roomy, gorgeous handbag I am a Big Bag person - a connoisseur, in fact. I like… Read more

Dating - New Love

Online Dating? Who Cares! All the Kids Are Doing It

It's never too late for love... At the tender age of 72, my father re-married after being a widower for 19 years. My sisters and I were grateful that he wouldn’t spend his twilight years by himself. Now married eight years, he never would have met his wife if he hadn’t put… Read more

Personal Growth

5 Keys to Success: What You Must Give Up

You've read lots of articles and books about setting goals and what you need to do to be successful at any endeavor. The keys to success lie in taking certain actions. However, most of the time, those self-help manuals focus on what you need to do and less about what you shouldn't… Read more

Career Transition

It’s Never Too Late to Start a New Career

“It’s never too Late….never, never, never!” This is what Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, and I believe it. I started Valerie & Company when my three children became teens. “Valerie – you can’t start a new career at this age” was ringing in my ears. But, my drive overtook… Read more


Should You Avoid Mixing Social Media and Politics?

Social Media Changes Politics for Better or Worse How Social Media is Ruining Politics Tweeting Their Way into Office There are a multitude of headlines about social media and politics. There is no denying that social media has changed politics and provided candidates, political parties, pundits and voters a direct… Read more


Fall Hair Colors for the Prime Woman

Fall is a time to get a new start on hair that was abused by summer sun, overdosed by chlorine and mangled by salt water. When you look in the mirror, you probably no longer recognize your hair. It probably bleached out while becoming dry and sometimes even brittle. If this… Read more

Food and Wine

Japan Cruising: Sake and Sushi Tasting at Sea

Most people who take cruises featuring wine and cuisine consider destinations like the Caribbean, Alaska, Mediterranean and perhaps the Greek Islands. Surprisingly, a country like Japan is a perfect multi-island destination for a cruise. During a recent Diamond Princess cruise we sailed to all four islands of Japan and Busan,… Read more


Blindsided: Functional Fitness and Why You Need It

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could know and prepare for what's coming your way each day? Functional fitness can help you do just that.  "Functional Fitness", or as WebMD describes it: working out for real life situations.  It teaches mindful body positioning, moving your upper and lower body while… Read more