The Difference in Yoga Instructors and Practice: Kripalu Yoga

kripalu yogaTerry Michael is sharing the difference in yoga instructors and practicing yoga to help our readers interested in finding a yoga “home” where they feel comfortable and supported. You can refer to her previous posts featuring Tina Marie RodriguezEva MontalvoAnya DevaGrace Surjan Kaur Geller, Kathleen HaydenMeredith Kramer and Amy Forman. This month, Terry interviews Annette Bagwell, a practicing Kripalu yoga instructor.

What is your personal philosophy as a yoga instructor?

Yoga reveals- then heals!

I believe in a consistent practice-yoga mimics life and visa versa! Yoga has been my system of self improvement and inquiry. One may encounter parts of oneself that have been closed off during practice or in unexpected moments after.

Tell us more about your training practice and kripalu yoga

My yoga teacher training was with PremShakti, the teacher of teachers. Prem teaches in the lineage of Kripalu, which is Hatha and Raja yoga combined. In other words, meditation in motion. She is one of the original founders of Kripalu yoga community. Kripalu yoga encourages you to feel the sensations as they arise, connecting body and breath. I have had a personal practice for 30 years and have tried different styles of yoga and always came back to Kripalu.

I am a member of Yoga Alliance and have attended continuing education workshops. I am also certified in chair yoga. I feel yoga is the best preventative healthcare – seeing bodies and minds becoming more at ease and the sense of community, the benefits are truly enormous.

What do you like best about teaching?

I want to share the incredible health benefits of yoga – it makes my soul sing!

Do you combine yoga with any other exercise or recommend that people do?

I have been a fan of walking for most of my life and have always encouraged others to move. The greatest gift is health, but it takes responsibility and consistency.

Anything else you would like to share?

A funny Kripalu word, BRFWA: Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch and Allow.

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