How Old Are You Really?Why Your Fitness Age Matters More Than Your Chronological Age: You may be 55, but do you have the fitness level of a 35-year-old marathoner or a sedentary 75-year-old? The answer to “How Old Are You Really?” could surprise you.

Researchers developed the fitness age test last year. The test predicts your VO2 max – how your body takes in and uses oxygen during exercise. This is typically seen as a marker of your cardiovascular endurance. The beauty of the test is you can take it without running on a treadmill — or do any actual exercise pre-test.
Prime Women running - Age is just a number: How Old Are You Really?As cool as it sounds, you may ask does your fitness age matter? The New York Times reports that a prospective cohort study (published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise earlier this year) looked at data collected from more than 55,000 Norwegians and found a link between fitness level and longevity.
Participants with an average or above-average VO2 max (meaning their fitness age is younger than their chronological age), had a lower risk of premature death.

The researchers believe that cardiorespiratory fitness is a useful tool for identifying risk of cardiovascular disease.
Female-doctor-talking-to-her-patientThe updated “fitness age” calculator includes cardiovascular disease risk. Click here to take the test yourself. If you aren’t happy with your “fitness age”, doctors recommend you start exercising regularly now and incorporating more high-intensity intervals. You can significantly improve your fitness age in a short time by pushing yourself with high-intensity workouts.



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