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Hottest Trend in Facial Aesthetics: Fuller Lips

Trends in body aesthetics come and go. From curvy figures to tall and thin, short bob-cuts to long layers, the trends change almost every year. And this year is no exception, however, one trend is standing out above the others.  One of the Hottest Trends in Facial Aesthetics Right Now: Fuller Lips Celebrities like Kylie […]

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Lip Flip Procedure

Everything You Need to Know Before You Get a Lip Flip

Everyone seems to be looking into getting lip filler. Lip filler is a big commitment not only for our profiles but also for our pocketbooks. So, what is one to do if they want a fuller lip without any commitment? Welcome to the lip flip! How does a Lip Flip Work? A lip flip can […]

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plastic surgery trends

Plastic Surgery Trends: The Most Popular Plastic Surgeries Patients Are Requesting This Year

Plastic surgery has always been a popular choice for people that want to change an aspect of their appearance. However, in recent years, plastic surgery has increased in popularity most likely due to social media and the internet. People are not only seeing images of the way they would rather look (think Instagram influencers and […]

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long-term effects of botox

Are There Long-Term Effects Of Botox?

Ever since Botox emerged in the 1980s, people have been using this injectable to cheat the aging process. But how does Botox work? And are there any long-term effects to keep in mind before making that appointment? Keep reading to learn about the good (and not-so-good) long-term effects of Botox.  What is Botox?  Botox is […]

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