Hypnotic Donut Race

Hypnotic Donut Race

Do you love 5K?  The Hypnotic Donut Race is a fun one and includes donut holes every 1/2 mile! Keep reading to learn more about the activities of the Hypnotic Dount Race.

ValerieDonutsI love to run 5K’s. That’s why I keep doing it year after year and have for the last 20 years and will keep doing it until my knees, hips or body gives out. A 5K is 3.1 miles — you can finish one in under an hour; you get a cool t-shirt and some food at the end (and sometimes the beginning as well); it gets you up and out the door early on a Saturday and/or Sunday morning; it’s more motivational to run with a bunch of folks; it’s a great workout; you only need good shoes so no complicated equipment; you don’t have to train as much as you do for longer runs; it helps improve your time for longer races as you run faster in a group with your adrenaline pumped up; and if you’re over 65, there’s not as much competition!

Hypnotic Donut Dash 5K

So I ran the Hypnotic Donut Dash last weekend and finished first in my age group — well, OK, there were only three other women in my group. Lots of fun — donut holes about every 1/2 mile, all kinds of folks from young kids to mature folks like me. Many were walking the course instead of running. At the end, there were more donuts, fruit, ice cream, coffee, water, beer (yes, beer) and a couple of musical bands. I definitely tried not to offset my workout with eating too much of the donuts — we’ll see when I get on the scale tomorrow!

The fees to enter almost always benefit a charity so you’re doing good for your community and yourself. And if you travel, there are 5K’s and up all over everywhere. Now the timing chips are on the bibs so you don’t have to mess with the hassle of the shoe chip. I’m signing up for the Hot Chocolate 5K next — I hear the goodie bags and food are great!

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