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What You Need to Know About DAXI – The New Treatment for Fine Lines

Every year we see exciting innovations in the plastic surgery and injectibles space. From thread lifts to new chin fillers like Juvéderm, there’s a lot of new trends and technologies to keep up-to-date with. One particular trend we’ve noticed in 2021 is that, as more people embrace the work-from-home lifestyle with its daily Zoom meetings and virtual happy hours, many are looking toward fast and convenient injectables to improve their appearance. And since many people have downtime to spare, there’s more time to think about and research these treatments. One new treatment showing a lot of promise in clinical trials is DAXI, a neuromodulator that specifically targets fine lines and wrinkles. Anything that can take care of stubborn fine lines is a win in our book, so let’s take a closer look at what this impressive new treatment is – and when it will be available at a medical spa near you.

What is DAXI?

DAXI, or DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection, is a new injectible currently undergoing the approval process from the FDA. What’s incredible about this product is that it’s the first US-made and manufactured neurotoxic neuromodulator, which is just a medical term for injectables that change the way nerves and muscles send and receive signals.

As Revance Therapeutics Inc, the creative mind behind this new treatment, explains, the way DAXI works is through its proprietary stabilizing peptide excipient. This new compound is used alongside a highly purified botulinum toxin (what Botox is made from) to smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines, specifically around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. And the great news is, this proprietary blend is also vegan!

How long does it last?

Something that’s truly exciting about this new product is how long its effects last compared to other treatments like Botox. Where Botox and similar treatments have a ‘lifespan’ of about 3-4 months, DAXI actually lasts for up to 6 months. For people looking for ease and convenience when it comes to their treatments, this is huge. Now more than ever, people want results without a lot of waiting or having to schedule a bunch of separate appointments. Getting onto one consistent injectible cycle could save people a lot of time (and money!), and this is something DAXI will be able to do once it hits the market.

Instead of having to go to your medical spa 5-6 times each year, you could pare that number down to twice a year! As double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jason D. Bloom told Allure, “People love the idea of longevity, and another benefit is that you could consolidate your neuromodulators and fillers into one appointment and really time it moving forward.” We love anything that combines great results with convenience, so this could really be a win-win!

Who can get it?

Just like Botox and other popular injectable treatments, just about anyone can get and see results from DAXI. Especially for those of us over 50, this treatment has been shown in clinical trials to greatly reduce the appearance of common problem areas like frown lines, crow’s feet, and stress lines over the forehead. Combined with other treatments like blepharoplasty or a neck lift, this treatment could really help create a more youthful appearance. After a stressful year in which many of our fine lines and wrinkles have likely only gotten deeper (no shame there!), this treatment could be exactly what we need to look and feel our best – both on Zoom and IRL.

Of course, more guidelines as to the what, when, how, and where of this treatment will likely come out once it’s been fully approved by the FDA. 

When will DAXI be released?

Unfortunately, like many new products, the release of this new treatment has been pushed back by the pandemic. In a press release, Revance Therapeutics explained that FDA approval of DAXI requires an inspection of the brand’s northern California manufacturing facility – something that’s been delayed due to travel restrictions. The good news is, with restrictions slowly being lifted across the country as vaccination rates improve, the approval process will likely be able to resume very soon. And, with this being a proudly American-made product, this will also help speed up the approval-to-release time. Until then, we’ll just have to wait!

Although it’s not quite here yet, we couldn’t be more excited about the potential DAXI is bringing to the beauty industry! Never before have we seen such a long-lasting (and effective) treatment for fine lines. It could truly be a game-changer. We hope it’s released soon because everyone is thrilled to try it out.

Is DAXI something you’d be interested in trying when it is released? We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions. In the meantime, why not explore some of the other hot new treatments people are talking about this year!

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