Four Things You Need to Prepare for a Nose Job
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Getting a Nose Job? Here’s How to Prepare.

People decide to get rhinoplasty surgery, more commonly known as a nose job, for a variety of either medical or aesthetic reasons. You might simply want to change the shape and look of your nose. Perhaps you’ve had this procedure recommended to you due to difficulty breathing or other medical issues. Either way, you may be wondering what needs to be done before the procedure to ensure that you are well-prepared for a full and speedy recovery. As with any surgical procedure, there are several steps that you’ll need to take beforehand. You will be able to discuss these with your surgeon during the consultation before the procedure. Some of the main things you will need to do to prepare include:

Get Your Medical History

You can create optimal nasal-facial proportion with a nose job, but before this can be done, the surgeon will need to know more about your medical history. Before you go for the consultation, it’s a good idea to get copies of your medical records and further information on any conditions, previous surgeries, medication, and anything else that your surgeon will need to know before you undergo the procedure. The more information they have, the safer and easier your procedure is likely to be. You’ll be asked questions about any medical conditions that you suffer from, such as high blood pressure or breathing difficulties, along with information about any prescription medication that you may be taking since you may need to discontinue taking certain medications before and after surgery. 

Non-Invasive Nose Job

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, you will need to be ready to quit smoking for no less than two weeks before going in for the procedure. After you have had the rhinoplasty procedure, you will need to continue being a non-smoker for at least two to three weeks. For some people, getting a nose job procedure done can be a push in the right direction when it comes to quitting smoking for good, and most surgeons will be able to provide you with further resources to make this easier for you. You can also speak to your GP, who may be able to prescribe aids for quitting smoking, such as nicotine patches or gum to help you. 

What to Eat

A rhinoplasty is a major surgery on the face, so it’s important to consider the impact this could have on your ability to eat and drink. Before the procedure, it is a good idea to ensure that you are well-prepared with plenty of foods and drinks that are easy to consume. Have plenty of water available for you to drink since you will breathe through your mouth at first, which can lead to getting a dry mouth sooner. Soft foods that don’t put a lot of pressure on your mouth and teeth while chewing will be the most comfortable to eat in the first week or so after having the procedure done.

A rhinoplasty can change your life whether you have a medical condition that affects your breathing or are self-conscious about your nose—being fully prepared before the procedure will increase your chance of a healthy, fast recovery. 

Create A Recovery Nest

After your surgery, you will be sleepy because of the medications, and you will have bandages to take care of. As a result, it is very important that you get back home to a place that is comfortable and cozy, preferably with all your recovery needs and favorite relaxation options present.

In the week before the nose job, you need to create a great recovery nest that will include all essentials in a very accessible way. Make sure you have a place where you can sit comfortably for long periods of time and consider these main things as you build the recovery nest: You will end up being really happy that you did this since your days right after the surgery will be so much better.

  •  A Relaxing Environment

Nest in a place where you feel comfortable. This can be a couch, your favorite chair, or your bed. Stock the area up with blankets, books, your phone charger, and pillows. Also, check to see that you are logged in to the favorite streaming options you enjoy watching. Alternatively, you can buy some movies that you could watch.

  •  Medical Supplies

This should include all the ointments, OTC medications, cotton applicators, tissues, and rinses you will need following the surgery. Simply try to have absolutely all bases covered. The goal here is to not have to go to the pharmacy as you leave the doctor’s office or hospital where the procedure was done.

  •  Hydration And Nutrition

Both of these can be pretty tough when you recover from surgery. It is even worse with rhinoplasty because your mouth will become more sensitive as the sense of smell becomes affected as you recover. You need to keep eating healthy, and you have to drink as much water as the body needs. Think about some foods that you enjoy. Choose those that are very easy to re-heat, soft, and plain. Use these to meal-prep.

Water with lemon

Things To Not Do After Rhinoplasty

Besides the things that you absolutely need to do before the surgery, you should also make sure you are aware of the following:

  • Drinking alcohol – Do this for at least one week before the nose job to avoid dehydration and having your immune system affected. Alcohol will make it more difficult for you to recover and can even impair recovery.
  • Avoid aspirin – This is important for any surgery since aspirin and the other medications that are blood thinners will hinder your recovery.
  • Avoid facial topical creams – Do this for at least four days before rhinoplasties. Just use simple moisturizers and cleansers. Also, make sure to avoid all medicated creams. Whenever unsure, talk to the surgeon so they know the skincare regimen you are on and can make recommendations.
  • Stay away from the sun – Before rhinoplasty, it is highly recommended that you avoid situations in which you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. This is because UV light could make it more difficult to heal as it damages the skin.
  • Be ready to deal with anxiety – There is a good possibility you will feel nervous and this is completely normal. Just do not let the anxiety put you down. Relax and whenever you have questions, ask your doctor. 

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