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Tighten Up Your Skin With Morpheus8

We’ve come a long way since the days of invasive surgery to tighten, firm, and reduce the overall appearance of saggy skin. Today, we can achieve excellent, natural-looking results without going under the knife, without downtime, and without major discomfort. No, we aren’t talking about fillers and neurotoxins. While these are great options for a quick refresh, they can sometimes look obvious. For a more subtle approach that just gets better over time, you have to go deeper and address the root of the problem. Namely, you need more collagen. That’s where Morpheus8 comes in.

Considered by many to be among the most effective, non-surgical procedures available, the treatment uses tiny needles to pierce the skin. It also utilizes radiofrequency technology to deliver outstanding results that go way beyond the surface.

Next Level Needling

Morpheus8 device

If you think the procedure sounds like a SkinPen or microneedling procedure, you’re right — sort of. Think of Morpheus8 as microneedling 2.0. The small, square device does contain 12-24 gold plated needles that pierce the skin, but Morpheus8 takes things a step further by releasing radiofrequency waves. The heat from those waves penetrates more deeply than microneedling alone, treating the tissue underneath. The end result is fractional resurfacing with collagen stimulation that creates plumper, smoother, and more contoured skin.

“Morpheus8 creates a heated trauma, describes Alicia Maldonado, a medical aesthetician and laser technician at Nova Aesthetics in San Antonio, Texas. “It also allows us to go into the skin at different depths and tailor the treatment to the individual.”

That includes addressing previously difficult to treat areas. Because Morpheus8 is FDA approved as a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD), it can be used to non-surgically contour common trouble spots like the neck and jowls, as well as other areas of the body, including the tops of knees, backs of elbows, and even the stomach and thighs.

Breaking Down Collagen

Breaking down collagen

It’s a “buzzy” word in the beauty industry, with supplements, powders, and face creams promising to help you hang on to or restore the collagen in your body. And while it probably can’t hurt to start adding collagen powder to your daily routine, you should understand why it matters. According to medicalnewstoday.com, “collagen is a hard, insoluble, and fibrous protein that makes up 1/3 of the protein found in the human body.”  

It is the main structural protein in our body’s connective tissues — think of it as scaffolding for your face. As we get older, our bodies produce less of this skin-supporting protein, and lifestyle choices like smoking or sun exposure can exacerbate the process.  Less collagen equals more sagging and more wrinkles, especially in the menopausal years when many women experience a significant decline in production.

When radiofrequency is used to break the collagen down, it allows it to reform over time, resulting in connective tissues that are tighter and stronger than before. These stronger tissues create an overall lifted, refreshed look without the need for surgery. 

What To Know Before You Go

Even though Morpheus8 is not a surgical procedure, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. This is your face we’re talking about, after all! Do some homework and ask for recommendations. You want an experienced Medical Aesthetician who has been properly trained to do the procedure. Ask for a consultation to see before and after photos of existing clients and to address any questions or concerns you have regarding the treatment. Make sure that you clearly understand the pre and post-treatment protocols and what you can realistically expect from the results. It’s not a one-and-done procedure, and the cost can range from $250 for lips and eyes to $3000 for a face and neck package.

“The best candidates are between their mid-30s and late 50s,” says Maldonado, who recommends getting three sessions scheduled four weeks apart. “Younger skin will get better results with fewer treatments, while more mature skin may require more treatments to achieve the desired results.”

The Comfort Zone

Pretreatment cream on face

Then there is the comfort zone. Most patients say they find the procedure tolerable thanks to a topical numbing cream that is applied to the treatment areas. In addition to the numbing agent, Maldonado offers Pro-Nox, a form of laughing gas to make patients even more relaxed and comfortable. The entire process from numbing to completion generally takes less than a couple of hours, depending on the area being treated, and there is little to no downtime.

“Patients are usually a little red and swollen immediately after treatment, but by the time they get home, it has usually started to go down,” describes Maldonado, adding that some people with specific health or skin issues may not be candidates or may take longer to heal. “By the next morning, no one would even know they’ve had a treatment done.”

The Results are In!

The results of Morpheus8 are gradual, with the full effect occurring approximately six to twelve weeks after the last treatment and lasting as long as a year to 18 months. Annual follow-up maintenance sessions are recommended to keep skin looking its best. When done properly, Morpheus8 is an effective and efficient way to put your best face forward for years to come–no scalpel required.

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