Is naked botox right for you?
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Is Naked Botox Right for You?

Visiting a doctor or medical spa to request botox has become as common as visiting the dentist for many of us. But did you know that not all Botox is equal? Sure, there’s Dysport that your doctor may or may not use, but there’s another type of Botox you need to know about.

What is Naked Botox?

Whether you are a current user of injectables or a newbie to using the popular substances that promote younger healthier-looking skin, you will want to learn about Naked Botox. Think of Botox as a brand name such as Kleenex for tissues. All of the cosmetic injections in this category contain botulinum toxin type A. The main ingredient in it is a neurotoxin called Clostridium Botulinum, which is a neurotoxin produced by bacteria. This creates the response of the body that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by relaxation and decreased sensation where it is injected.

While the three brand names heard in the industry are Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. Each creates the same results, but some work better for different individuals at softening our faces. Most tout the quickest results from Botox and Dysport by spreading more quickly. This may be the best if you are looking for a quick fix or if you have a big event coming up soon on your social calendar. However, both of these have additional additives. Xeomin contains no additives. Thus, the nickname Naked Botox.

Why does Naked Botox Matter?

Some say these additives are not necessary at all in gaining the results we desire on our anti-aging journey. Those that promote Naked Botox or Xeomin over the others say that many studies show your body may become immune to the neurotoxin overtime in the injections due to the additives. If this happens, the neurotoxin would possibly become less effective on you or not work at all. Wow, for those used to getting their quarterly dose this would be tragic. So, if this is true using Naked Botox would allow you to have the effectiveness for many years to come.

Should I Use Naked Botox?

Should I use Naked Botox (Xeomin)? That is a good question. Nothing says you cannot try them all. That is what I have done to test them out and see how my body reacts to each. I have visited a lot of spa open houses, which also includes some extreme discounts and a few free giveaways. After happily using Botox only for years, I was lucky enough to win a bit of Xeomin at a medical spa open house.

After discussing it with the medical doctor in attendance, I decided to give it a try. It did not work as well for me as when I received injections on prior occasions. Now that is not to say there were other factors involved, but I was still able to squint my eyes and make that horrid line on my forehead. I also tried Dysport once and it seemed diluted and required a second visit and more cc’s to get the same results. So, with that bit of research I have never used anything else since then but Botox for my injections. Many doctors agree with me that Botox gives more consistent results, but after doing my own personal research here, I have decided that alternating may be the key. This will be a question for my medical professional on my next visit.

What do Doctors say about Naked Botox?

If you have already chosen a doctor for your injections, take a look at their website or call to see which brands they use at their medical spa. Then call or visit in person for a consultation to inquire why they carry those brands. You may also ask them if and why they carry more than one brand. Sometimes it is only the doctor’s personal preference and others it could be about a rewards program for clients or possibly a discount to the doctor themselves. Also, ask the doctor what their experience is with each brand and the results they have obtained with each for their clients.

While most doctors say it is rare for someone to develop a resistance to the additives in brands like Botox, it is still an important question to ask yourself. We all need to be as informed as possible about any type of medical procedure. The bottom line is that only you can decide if you want to concern yourself with desensitization or just enjoy reduced fine lines and wrinkles now while you can.

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