Is a Mini boob job right for you?
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Is a ‘Mini Boob Job’ for You?

When you think about getting breast augmentation (you know, a “boob job”), you probably think about large, noticeable implants. And in fact, many women who do get the surgery boost their breasts by a few sizes. 

But bigger may not always be better for everyone. An increasing number of women are opting for “mini boob jobs” instead. 

There are various reasons and potential benefits to consider when deciding which option is right for you. Ultimately, of course, whatever you choose to do with your own body should fit your personal needs, values, and desires. 

So What is a Mini Boob Job? 

A mini boob job is just what it sounds like: breast augmentation with small implants, typically an increase of one or max two cup sizes bigger than the original size. This may bring a woman to a size B or C cup, but usually not larger. 

More specifically, the implants are typically 150 cc to 250 cc in size. By comparison, traditional implants are usually 350 to even 600 cc. A saline implant could even be as small as 125 cc, but that’s about as small as it gets.

The surgery itself is similar to a regular boob job. The difference is in the size, type, and positioning of the implants.

What Are the Benefits of Smaller Augmentation?

First, smaller implants can look more natural. They can still make breasts look fuller and rounder, but without looking like a boob job. They can also feel more natural to the touch.

Second, a mini boob job may be more suitable for an athletic lifestyle or aesthetic. Large breast implants were popular in the 1990s, but some plastic surgeons say smaller implants are more “in” today, alongside the popularity of a more athletic female frame. 

Other proponents of smaller boob jobs say they can provide shape without making you look heavier; they are more comfortable during exercise (and don’t require stacking on multiple sports bras); and they can even sag and ripple less over time. Smaller implants also may have smaller scars and incisions, can be easier to heal from, can create less tissue trauma (and therefore may have reduced risk of complications), can cause less back pain over time, and don’t stretch the skin as much.  

Who is Getting a Mini Boob Job?

Mini boob jobs may be suitable for smaller framed, petite, thin, and athletic women with low body fat, such as bodybuilders. Genetically lean women or competitive athletes may not have enough body volume to support a traditional augmentation. 

Other women who may benefit include women whose breasts decreased after childbirth or lost breast tissue when they lost weight. Some women want to increase their cleavage or change the shape of their breasts without dramatically changing the size. 

Sometimes, women want breast augmentation for reasons beyond aesthetics. The surgery can be used to fix asymmetry in breast sizes and shape. 

What Are the Downsides?

A mini boob job may not be noticeable on some body shapes and sizes and essentially may be a waste of money and effort. They may not achieve the desired impact due to their subtlety. This is why a consultation with a trusted professional is valuable. 

The bottom line: even a small surgery is still a surgery. It will take time to recover and it may affect your daily behavior, like how you walk and stand. It could also influence how you sleep, what it feels like to exercise and run, the kinds of clothes you want to wear, and how you look in your older age. Make sure you take all factors into consideration before making the cut.

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