Facelife vs. Thread Lift
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Facelift vs. Thread Lift – What’s Right for Me?

When it comes to reducing signs of aging around our face, we’ve got a lot of options. From more general treatments like Botox to more focused procedures that target specific areas of the face like the cheeks and eyes, there are almost too many options to consider. For some women though, it makes much more sense to invest in a procedure that benefits the appearance of the entire face instead of one particular area. This is where a facelift or thread lift comes in. You’ve probably heard of facelifts, but thread lifts are a new, similar procedure that have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Today we’re going to go over the main differences and advantages of getting a facelift vs a thread lift. 

What should you ultimately choose? Keep reading, and we’ll let you make your own judgment! 

Facelift vs thread lift

At the end of the day, facelifts and thread lifts were created to achieve similar purposes. However, they differ in terms of cost, results, recovery time, and of course, the procedure itself. 


The good news is that new advancements in technology as well as more available resources have driven the cost down significantly for both of these procedures. Still, there’s a considerable difference in cost between the two. 

While prices vary between plastic surgery clinics, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,500 – $10,000 for a facelift, while a thread lift costs about half as much. 


While facelifts and thread lifts are both outpatient procedures, the details of each are quite different. Facelifts are often performed with local or general anesthesia and can take anywhere from 2-5 hours to complete. To start, your plastic surgeon will make an incision in front of your ear that extends into your hairline.

After making the incision, skin is lifted off of your facial muscles and fat. Excess skin is cut off as well, which can help tighten the overall appearance of the face. Next, a small cut is made under the chin to tighten any sagging skin around that area. Lastly, all incisions are closed and bandages are applied. To remove excess blood and fluid, your surgeon may apply a drain under the skin behind your ear for a few days.

When it comes to a thread lift, the procedure is much less intensive and invasive. For one, a thread lift takes less than an hour to complete, with minimal downtime. Your surgeon will prep the skin with alcohol and topical anesthetic and then a thin needle to used to insert threads underneath your skin. No bandages or drains required.

Facelift vs thread lift results

Both procedures target similar areas, including the neck, jowls, cheeks, and jawline. While thread lifts create a more naturally lifted appearance, facelifts can create a more dramatic transformation.

It’s also important to note that facelifts can’t really make much of a difference when it comes to any sagging or droopiness around the eyelid and brow area. After a thread lift though, those areas will be tightened and look much more youthful.

Recovery + longevity

A facelift is a very intensive procedure, and it takes about a month to completely recover. In the meantime, you’ll have to deal with a lot of bandages, draining fluid, bruising, and swelling. You’ll likely need to be prescribed pain medication, and you won’t be able to go about your day as usual for at least the first week.

Thread lifts, on the other hand, are much less intensive and require very little downtime. While you may experience bruising and swelling to a degree, you will be able to go back to normal life as soon as you leave the clinic.

In terms of how the effects of each procedure last, a thread lift will last for about 2-3 years, while a facelift is meant to be a more permanent antiaging solution.

Which should you choose? 

Ultimately, whether or not you choose to get a facelift vs thread lift should come down to the amount of time and money you want to invest, along with the level of results you want to see. If you’re considering a facelift but don’t want to spend as much money, definitely try a thread lift first. You can also get a taste for what the results are like before committing to a more permanent change.

If you’ve tried other procedures before and are looking for a semi-permanent solution to advanced signs of aging, your best bet will be getting a facelift. While it is more costly and invasive, the results you can expect from a facelift are unmatched by other similar procedures. And once you’ve had it done, you won’t need to go in for touchups.

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