Permanent makeup versus microblading
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The Differences Between Microblading and Permanent Makeup

Makeup has evolved a great deal from its first known use. Makeup dates back to the first dynasty of Egypt, which was around 3100 – 2907 BC. Tombs discovered from this point in time had jars in them filled with a substance called unguent, which was used to hydrate the skin and help combat the onset of wrinkles due to the desert heat. The Egyptians are known for using makeup with different natural dyes in them to enhance their looks, and it is thought that with these people, the culture of makeup was born. 

In modern-day times, it seems as if there is makeup for everything and everyone, including your dog. You can change the look of your eyes, your nose, your cheekbones, your eyebrows, and more with makeup in today’s world. 

In the last couple of years, more permanent options for makeup have exploded in popularity. No longer are people wanting to spend the time every day to put on eyeliner or fill in their eyebrows. And that’s where microblading and permanent makeup come in. 

Though many people assume that the terms “microblading” and “permanent makeup” are okay to use synonymously, they are actually very different. So, today we are getting into the differences between the two so that you can decide which one better fits your needs. 

Permanent Makeup

Don’t let the word “permanent” scare you – this makeup doesn’t have to last forever. Permanent makeup is essentially a form of tattoo, and as you may or may not know, tattoos fade over time and often require retouching. Also, tattoos can be removed via lasers if you decide down the line that you no longer want them. 

Permanent makeup vs. microblading

Permanent makeup involves using tattoo machinery (needles and ink) to get below the surface of the skin and inject dyes or pigments into the skin.

This type of makeup is often used to create eyeliner, enhance eyebrows, and even make your lips bigger. Though the market for permanent makeup is primarily women, some men also take advantage of this type of procedure in order to fill in hairlines and more. 

The options for permanent makeup are vast and depend upon the type of look you’re going for. It’s a good idea to work with an esthetician who can draw on different shapes and sizes for you to try before you go under the needle and get the “permanent” makeup applied. 

Once the permanent makeup is applied, you can still make changes to it. It’s a good idea to start small and thin and then go from there if you want something to be more pronounced. The chances are good that you’ll need to fill in your permanent makeup every few years, so be prepared for that as well. 


Where permanent makeup creates looks for your eyes, eyebrows, lips, and more, microblading is exclusively for eyebrows. 

Another major difference between permanent makeup and microblading is the amount of time each lasts. Permanent makeup, as mentioned above, isn’t exactly permanent, meaning it won’t actually last forever. You can expect your permanent makeup to last from 3-5 years, and you’ll need to touch it up to keep the look. 

Microblading lasts anywhere from 1-1.5 years, so you’ll need to get it touched up more frequently. It doesn’t last as long because the tool used to create the look for your eyebrows is different from the tattoo-type tool used for permanent makeup. Microblading uses a hand tool with a blade to draw in your eyebrows just as you want them. And that tool does not go as deep underneath the surface of the skin as a tattoo needle does. 

Microblading eyebrows

Because of the small tool and preciseness of microblading, the strokes used in microblading are sharper, which leads people to think that it looks more natural than permanent makeup. However, how natural the look comes out has a lot to do with the person creating these long-lasting makeup looks. Thus, it’s essential that you opt to go with someone whose work you’ve seen before and who you trust to do it well on you. 

If you are looking to get your eyebrows specifically done and aren’t sure whether to go with permanent makeup or microblading, we suggest giving microblading a try first. This is a good starting point to make sure you are happy with the appearance of more permanent makeup, and if you are, then maybe in 1 year, rather than getting your microblading touched up, you can get your eyebrows permanently done instead.

Regardless of whether you opt to go with permanent makeup or microblading, the chances are good that you will love the convenience of taking this step out of your daily makeup routine. Think about the time you’ll save and where you can better spend it. From the moment you roll out of bed in the morning, your eyebrows will be on-point and ready to tackle the day ahead. 


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