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Get a Better Chin in 20 Minutes

When it comes to extra weight, there are typically easy enough ways to hide it. A bit too much around the middle section? Wear a loose top. Thick thighs? Put on a skirt. However, when extra fat is gathering around your neck, you pray for colder temperatures. That way, you can wear a turtleneck or a thick scarf and hope it hides the double chin. But when it’s not cold, you’re out of luck. There literally is no way to hide fat that is so close to your face. 

If you’re frustrated by a neck that grows thicker as you age and wish it would magically disappear, you’re not alone. In fact, a 2019 survey for the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found a whopping 73% of us would like to have excess fat removed from under our chin. That’s almost three out of four. Medical experts know it as submental fullness. Ideally, we avoid it before it settles in by staying as physically fit as possible. But things happen, whether it’s weight gain or genetics, or just a part of aging, and once it’s there, it’s there; this is stubborn stuff. Planted much like a jowl on a pig, it’s really, really tough to get rid of and nearly impossible to target with exercise. So what CAN you do about it?

Treatments for a Better Chin

Well, there’s traditional lipo, which is typically very effective for a double chin. But it’s thousands and thousands of dollars and requires days of downtime. And to be honest, that’s so 2010. In the last decade or so, lots of new options have hit the market. So, let’s cover some of those because most promise a new chin in 20 minutes or less. 

Now we’re talking.

There’s Kybella, AirSculpt, CoolSculpting, and Strawberry Laser Lift, just to name a few. They’re procedures that target these undesirable fat cells, helping you eliminate them from your body. The goal is to leave you with a thinner neck, no double chin, and a strong, sculpted jaw. 

So let’s break ‘em all down and do a little comparison shopping.


Kybella chin lipo

Kybella stands for keoxycholic acid (and it’s much easier to say, right?). It’s a man-made form of one of the natural chemicals your body uses to break down fat cells. It’s currently the only FDA-approved injectable to treat the appearance of a double chin. It’s injected into areas of unwanted fatty tissues under your chin, where it goes to work destroying the cells.

There’s typically a topical numbing solution to make it more comfortable, and there may be significant swelling afterward, with possible bruising under the chin, though that usually goes away after a few days. Multiple sessions are required, and each one lasts 10-20 minutes. Exactly how many is dictated by how large the area is. It takes a few weeks to see the results, with many people seeing at least a 50% fat reduction after two sessions and 70% after four.

Costs typically range between $1200-$1800 per session.


Fat removal chin

AirSculpt uses patented technology to remove fat cells with a special tool. It’s about two millimeters wide and creates a tiny entryway to give surgeons precise access to the pockets of fat you want removed. They use local anesthesia, keeping you awake as they work. Those tiny holes heal with dissolvable sutures, and you end up with a minimal scar that looks like a little freckle mark. It takes less than a half-hour, and results begin to appear as soon as you leave the operating room.

Expect to pay about $5,000.

CoolSculpting Mini 

chin lipo treatment

CoolSculpting uses a device that essentially looks like a small chalkboard eraser. When connected to a larger machine, it suctions to the underside of your chin and freezes fat cells. As the cells freeze, they’re broken down and metabolized. The cold temperature can feel tingly, but after a few minutes, you’re able to relax a bit.

Each session lasts about 30 minutes, and you typically need more than one, spaced out a few weeks at a time. Possible side effects include a burning or itchy feeling on your skin a few days after the procedure. It’s not an overnight difference, though. This method takes two to three months to see the full results.

You’ll pay about $1400.

Strawberry Laser Lift

Chin lift coolsculpting

Strawberry Laser Lift is a painless procedure that uses tiny lasers to shrink fat cells. They look like little red lightsabers shooting into your body (though you’re not supposed to look at the light). The type of laser is called a cold laser, and it penetrates the fat cell, creating small holes in that cell where fat and water are drained and ultimately eliminated.

Each visit takes 10-20 minutes, and you’ll need multiple treatments, though you typically see a difference after the first. Each session may cost a couple of hundred dollars, and the results from this procedure may not be as long-lasting as other options. 

The Bottom Line

What’s right for you likely depends on just how much chin fat you’re looking to lose, what kind of budget you have, and how long you’re willing to wait for results. The only way to truly find out which option is best for you is by consulting with an expert. And if you choose to go with one of the “Better Chin in 20 Min” procedures, be sure it’s performed by an experienced, certified expert in facial contouring procedures. 

Now cheers to embracing your face minus the double chin and not having to wait for colder weather to love your neck again. 

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