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Can FasciaBlaster Help With Pain and Cellulite?

If you could roll the skin on your body a few times a week with the FasciaBlaster and rid yourself of unwanted fat for a more youthful appearance, would you do it? Furthermore, what if this actually regenerates fascia tissue? Indeed, it would be a no-brainer to try. Here’s everything you need to know about the FasciaBlaster, including what it is, what it does, and what it costs.

First, What is Fascia?

Layers of skeletal muscle

In an elementary school definition style, fascia is a super thin layer of connective tissue in everyone’s body. It surrounds every organ, muscle, nerve fiber, blood vessel, and bone and keeps them in their proper places. Without fascia, our body parts would have a tough time staying put.

Mainly made from collagen, fascia is made of fibrous connective tissue that looks like bundles on bundles. So, to brush up on your anatomy lesson, a bone-to-bone connection is made with a ligament, a bone-to-muscle connection with a tendon, and what surrounds them all is fascia.

Fascia Rigidity and Stress

Fascia is nearly as sensitive as our skin and will tighten when it gets stressed. When you stress your fascia frequently, it becomes rigid. That’s not a good thing. With rigidity, fascia can compress muscles and nerves. Fascia can heal itself, but it will never return to its original state. It’s also common to experience a reduced range of motion, stiffness, and even have chronic pain.

If you feel you’re suffering from muscle pain, it may actually be the fascia that surrounds it and not the muscle itself. Just something to think about. Okay, now that we’ve got the skinny on fascia, let’s dig into the FasciaBlaster.

What is the FasciaBlaster?

Athletes have been rolling their muscles after exertion for years to rid themselves of the tightness that can be caused by exercising. Essentially, the FasciaBlaster is a clinically proven tool that regenerates the fascia, lessens cellulite, and gives a more youthful appearance to the face, neck, and other areas of the body (see clinical study here).

Using a roller for muscle pain relief

Using the Fasciablaster’s plastic rollers with hard, finger-like protrusions and your choice of body oil, start by lightly stroking the skin and muscles. This prepares them for fascia manipulation. After the area is warmed up, roll more vigorously and with stronger force. It’s the combination of these methods that break down damaged fascia. To get an even better blast, it’s recommended (but not absolutely necessary) to use heat on the area beforehand.

The official website offers a wide range of specific body tutorials, so it won’t feel like reading a 100-page book of instructions while trying to put an Ikea dresser together. Also, there’s a 1000-day guarantee for replacement if a FasciaBlaster piece breaks. Keep your receipts, just in case!

Are the Results Legit?

According to the study mentioned above, yes. Additionally, the FasciaBlaster website provides plenty of before and after photos of actual women who have used FasciaBlaster. These photos range from head to toe, so it does look promising. Additionally, the FasciaBlaster rollers aren’t huge. Therefore, you can pack them up in a suitcase and use them on the road if you travel a lot like I do.

Women whose photos are chosen to use on the FasciaBlaster website are called BlasterSisters (not necessary, in my opinion, but if it makes you feel part of a group and encourages you, you do you).

Other Health Benefits of FasciaBlaster

Arthritis in hands

I’ve also read online testimonials about how the FasciaBlaster has helped with posture. One woman says it has greatly lessened the pain of rheumatoid arthritis in her hands to the point where steroid shots are no longer necessary. Of course, there are plenty of cellulite testimonials. Although I am familiar with dishonest online reviews, seeing the before and after pics, along with the testimonials, makes them so much more legit.

Additionally, there’s an official women’s support group on Facebook with over 400,000 members to offer encouragement and to answer common questions about the FasciaBlaster.

FasciaBlaster Cost

Honestly, it depends on how many FasciaBlaster products you want to buy. The beginner’s kit comes with two tools, a nugget (especially for the face), a descriptive book explaining the FasciaBlaster process, a cold pack to use after blasting, and oil and cream for (at the time this post was written) $154.

Additionally, there are 14 other kits that treat specific areas, as well as kryomats, shorts, hats, and hoodies to purchase if you’re going all in. However, if you’re unsure whether to go that route, you can buy the original FasciaBlaster for $99.

Unfortunately, FasciaBlaster pieces are not cheap. Still, consider the price of plastic surgery and liposuction. They go into the 10s of 1000s of dollars, so perhaps FasciaBlaster is a good deal after all.

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