Recovering Banker

I am a ‘recovering’ banker and financial services executive who has been privileged to finally pursue my passion for encouraging women while still having the time and ability to enjoy it.

Susan Moore

Let me give you the background. I’m Susan Moore and I spent almost 30 years in banking and financial services, I found myself at a place where what I loved to do – connecting people, developing and creating new business, encouraging others, primarily women, was not the environment I was operating in. Instead, the financial world that I loved and thrived in had changed and my professional skills no longer matched what the financial service industry required.

That said, in taking stock of all those years, I realized I had a real entrepreneurial spirit and that it was actually birthed during my years in banking. I had worked for two different bank holding companies who weren’t afraid to take bold steps in differentiating themselves in terms of new offerings. As such, they each actually allowed me to create a business within the bank. The first was a financial planning initiative and the second was a marketing initiative to women in business and women business owners. Retrospectively, it was there that my passion for encouraging women took hold.

Fast forward to last summer. In what I believe was a divine appointment, I met my current business partner at a conference we were both attending. She showed me a business that was loaded with leverage, flexibility and residual income. Knowing that corporate America and what I loved doing was not going to happen again, I took a hard look direct sales and what has been termed as a “cooperative capitalism” business model.

Instead of dog eat dog, its dog help dog. I knew quickly this was what I was looking for. Not only would I be encouraged and mentored myself, I would have the opportunity to work with women of all ages. Being the source of transformational skin care products that create the best skin of one’s life, I would also have the opportunity to touch the intangible but critical issues of a person’s life such as one’s value, worth and self-esteem. Face it, how the world sees you is directly related to how the real estate of your face appears. When I factored in the business opportunity in terms of the reputation of the doctors, the brand presence, the success the products had already achieved while in the retail stores, I knew I had found my niche.

Does working in a direct sales environment take a little bit of going against the common wisdom, particularly coming from the world of banking? Absolutely. Entrepreneurship always requires that vision. Common ‘wisdom’ exists because people don’t understand the industry. Strangely enough, though, the skills I honed in financial services are the exact same skills which are serving me well today.

My passion for mentoring and encouraging women, connecting them to resources and products that are transformational hits my sweet spot. Being able to learn from and have access to a vast variety of professionals such as a plastic surgeon, a hedge fund manager, a venture capitalist, a former vice president at Yahoo, a litigation attorney, a CFP and a professional figure skater (to name a few) only adds to my ability to play a special part in the lives of the women I serve. All this to say, there really is an exciting, fulfilling income producing life after corporate America!

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