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How to Look Thinner This Summer


Body positivity amongst women of any age group is crucial. Learning how to accentuate your best features is one of the first steps in self-confidence. Each woman has a diverse and beautiful body type, that clothing will only enhance. An excellent first step is finding your favorite feature and accentuating it. Clothing should not be used to try and hide your body instead it should accentuate your beautiful features and increase your confidence. These quick fashion tips will have you looking thin and chic this summer.


Some of the most flattering silhouettes for women are A-line dresses and empire waist dresses. Dresses that skim the body and do not cling are a great way to accentuate or create curves. The most flattering length is right at the knee or just below it. Experimenting with patterns and prints is a fun way to mix it up, especially during the summer months. Keeping the patterns in proportion is very important, for example wearing thinner, and vertical stripes help create the illusion of a slimmer and longer torso. During summer, it is essential to consider the fabric of your garments, lightweights such as cotton, jersey or even denim will help you stay cool and fabulous. Consider something like this or this.

Winona Dress

Apron Dress


The foundation of a great outfit starts with focusing on what’s underneath. Find good fitting bras like this one or this one that eliminates bulging.  There are a variety of choices when it comes to shapewear. I like shapewear that smooths yet is not very structured or tight. It may take a little time to find what you feel comfortable with, but shapewear is worth giving a try. There are also a few brands of swimwear that have built-in shaping for your beach and pool days.


Darker colors are always going to make your legs appear thinner. A slight flare leg in midrise denim jean is an excellent choice for most figure types. White pants are trendy for summer and can easily be styled in many fashionable ways. When looking to buy white pants, opt for a more substantial fabric such as denim or maybe even go one size up. This can help avoid the dreaded see-through issues often found with white pants. I have this brand of white jeans and they are a staple in my closet during the summer months. If you choose to wear elastic waist pants, then wear a longer top. If this feels too boxy adding a belt around your waistline can help create a more hourglass figure


Favorite white jeans

Tops and Jackets

Picking a looser tunic style tops pairs well with slightly wider bottoms. You can complement your look with dusters and kimonos, which are currently very chic. Have fun experimenting with layering a duster or kimono over a dress for a unique look.

  Boho Kimono


Another style tip to appear slimmer is to dress in one color. Monochromatic dressing is very trendy right now, so use this to your advantage. It does not matter if you choose all black, beige, or a single color, wearing one color streamlines your silhouette. Picking an eye-catching accessory is an easy way to draw attention to a specific body part, I like the styles below.

Chunky Gold Necklace

For the best fit, it is essential to buy the right size clothing or have them altered to achieve a perfect fit. Wearing larger loose clothing will tend to make you look bigger, and on the flip side, nothing is flattering about clothing that is too small. One final note, the best advice I can offer is always to dress to reflect your true spirit. Doing so will keep you confident, and that is the best accessory you can walk out the door with!   

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How to look thinner this summer


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