Finding Your Inner Warrior

Gail with modelsGail Warrior is an entrepreneur, nationally recognized speaker, philanthropist, lifelong fitness enthusiast and mother. Her successful professional career has allowed her to focus on her other passions, fitness and motivating others to achieve their own personal greatness. That passion and the frustration of not finding fresh, modern and colorful active wear led her to creating her own line. Warrior Elements is a luxury active lifestyle collection of fitness apparel and accessories. Designed to empower women and help them discover their inner Warrior her first collection was inspired by the power and properties of the four natural elements. Each element offers a different perspective for Warrior women to embrace their journey of physical, mental and spiritual fitness.

Available in sizes S-XL, each piece is made of fast-dry matte tricot (a functional blend of nylon and spandex); prices range from $70-$115 per piece.  The collection includes bras, tops, pants, shorts, and jackets. The collection is sold at Tootsies, Front Door Fashions and Rich Hippie.

Dedicated to giving back in the business world, Gail created the Warrior Small Business Academy and a mentor group for women entrepreneurs. While active in other philanthropic endeavors, Gail also founded the Heart of a Warrior Charitable Foundation in 2007 to benefit underserved children of Dallas and serves as the Chairwomen of the Board of Directors. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of Warrior Elements supports the foundation.

The Fire Collection is bright and inspires and energizes. Fire’s abstract print offers burst of rust, pink, yellow and magenta.

active wear |fire collection

The Water Collection is fluid and calm to give serenity and strength. Water’s wave print reflects a free-flowing current with colors of white, turquoise, charcoal and black.

active wear |water collection

The Earth Collection is grounded and strong. Natural shades of greens, reds and browns mirror the inner strength of the centered woman.

active wear | earth collection

The Wind Collection is uplifting and free. Blue, grey and white balance the outgoing style of this group.

active wear | wind collection


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