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Top Makeup Trends for 2021

A fresh, new year is headed our way and with it some new beginnings. Many of us look forward to kicking off a new calendar with something new of our own, whether it be a hairstyle or a new year’s resolution. If you’re searching for ways to shake things up without committing to a longer-term change, such as bangs, then these top makeup trends for 2021 will provide some inspiration.

Makeup is an easy way to add some excitement to your life because you can take a trend and make it your own. The new year is predicted to bring in some fabulous new makeup trends that are highly wearable and all about the eyes and skin since we’ll be wearing masks. Instyle and Allure are both offering some predictions for hot makeup trends to try next year. Let’s have a little fun and explore some of the top makeup trends for 2021!

Bold, Smokey Eye MakeupNight Makeup

We all know and love the smoldering, smokey eye makeup look. Traditionally, it’s been a bit of a night-out style in years past. For 2021, make this night-out look work for your everyday wear by customizing it to fit your sense of style. If you haven’t tried a smokey eye before, take it slow by starting out with a dark black eyeliner. Amp it up by drawing the line thicker than you might normally make it. For a full-on smokey eye during the day, go with some smoldering shades of rich brown tones. The result will keep you in step with this particular 2021 makeup trend in a way that suits an everyday look.


Glowing, Healthy Skin

A healthy glow can be achieved with an excellent skincare routine (and maybe some luck in the genetics department). But you can also get a radiant, dewy look with the assistance of a bit of makeup. This trend is a wonderful choice for anyone in 2021, whether you’re spending a little more time at home or commuting to your office. It’s also going to delight those among us who prefer a lighter touch when it comes to our makeup routines. Get the look with a sheer lip gloss and a tinted moisturizer. Mix in a drop or two of highlighter for an all-over sheen that looks natural and fresh.


Neon Eyeshadow, a la the ‘80s

The ‘80s are back! Remember loving neon, vibrant hues back then? If you’re someone who has dearly missed those electric colors, you are in store for a treat in 2021. Neon eye shadows are coming back! Go all-in on this makeup trend by sweeping a hot pink eye shadow all over your eyelid and finishing with a coat of mascara. If you’d rather start slowly, reach for an electric blue eyeliner and pencil in a thinner line just along your top lashes. These bright hues really make your eyes pop, so you’ll feel pretty and polished with just a few swipes of color. Check out the way Kelly Clarkson rocked this trend during her performance in the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony for additional inspiration.

Glam Up Your Lower Lash Line

Glittery eyeliner is not exactly new: We’ve seen it around for a while now. However, it’s going to be used in a fresh new way in 2021. Rather than line your top lashes with a sparkling eyeliner, try adding a swipe of liquid glitter eyeliner just under your lower lash line. As with the other 2021 makeup trends, you can go big and bold with a thick swipe of liner or try out a more subtle, demure application. Experiment with different shades of glitter as well. For instance, a clear or white glitter will be a bit more subtle than a bright pink or gold hue.

Cat Eyes with a Twist

As with the bolder, smokey eye trend, you’ve probably seen the cat eye before. Maybe you’ve even rocked the look yourself on a previous New Year’s Eve celebration! The cat eye is back in 2021, but with a fun and fabulous twist: colorful liner. If you’re a traditionalist, you can always go with the classic black liner. If you’re willing to shake things up with some on-trend style, create a cat eye shape with a bolder and unexpected color like sapphire blue. You can even pull in the year’s neon color trend and use a bold, bright pink to bring in a slightly retro, ‘80s vibe.

Top Makeup Trends to Try in 2021

As you can see, the top makeup trends predicted to pop up in 2021 offer up a range of fun new looks to try. You can adjust each of them to make them as daring or as subtle as you’d like. Make a new year’s resolution to have more fun in 2021 and pick one makeup trend to experiment with and customize!

Now that your makeup is on-trend for 2021, make sure your hair is too with one of these top five hair trends.

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