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Give Orange a Chance


Orange, is everywhere.

Orange nails, orange blush, and orange lips are all on the menu. Don’t be afraid to make a statement no matter your age group. In fact, PRiME women can look fantastic in the right shade of orange. Just be sure to stay away from the matchy, matchy look. If you wear the pop on your lip avoid giving the same burst of color to your cheeks and visa-versa. You can wear a similar hue of color but make sure they have varied intensity. The best drug store orange lip color find is at Ulta, SIREN REVLON SUPER LUSTRIOUS LIPSTICK.
Splurge and invest in a long wearing hit by CHRISTIAN DIOR ROUGE DIOR COUTURE COLOR VOLUPTUOUS CARE #844 TRAFALGAR Lipstick.
Blush away the winter weather doldrums with a flirty orange blush. Fair toned faces can make the easy hue of MELBA BLUSH by MAC Cosmetics a spring hint of color favorite.
MainHeroMAKEUP FOREVER POWDER BLUSH IN TANGERINE gives medium skin tones a splash of zing that will give even colorless cheeks a wakeup call.
For darker complexions I recommend, MAC CRÈME COLOUR BASE VIRGIN ISLE. This intense orange has enough pigment to impart a warm apricot glow to the cheekbone.

LUMINOUS_LIPGLOSSKeep it simple with a sheer wash of orange with URBAN DECAY STREAK NAKED LUMINOUS LIPGLOSS.
Fingertips and toenails can wear a host of orange nail polishes. JAFFA BY BUTTER LONDON is a creamy orange that represents all that is fresh about spring.
MeetMeAtSunsetESSIE’S MEET ME AT SUNSET takes the prize for a super-hot fire coral.
MARC JACOBS #114 SNAP makes a real fiery statement.
As we age we should become more confident in making our makeup choices. Don’t be afraid to add new products seasonally to your routine. Staying current is one of the best ways to keep your look fresh.

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