Fashion Guide Questions: Part 2

Fashion questions

Hello Prime Women! Tara here with the Style Signature, and I am super excited to answer more fashion questions from our Prime Women audience. 

How to Look Beautiful at 50 Without Appearing You Are Trying to Hard?

Our first question is from Jennifer. She wants to know, how she can look beautiful at 50 without appearing she is trying to look like 20. This is a question that I get quite often.It really is a tough fine line. One of my suggestions is to understand your figure and shape. I find as we get older we are more self-conscious about our figure. I think an elegant, confident woman in her fifties really needs to wear things that are going to compliment and embrace her silhouette but also camouflage the things that maybe she’s wanting to hide.  One way to flatter your figure is buying more quality products or more quality fabrics because they’re going to drape and wear on your body a lot differently than cheaper fabrics. I think it’s really important that you pick an area or part of your body that you feel really confident in. For example, if you have great shoulders, show off your shoulders. If you have great legs, put on a skirt. If you have a tiny waist, make sure your clothing silhouette accentuates the waist. You can be beautiful and confident regardless of your age.

One example of highlighting an area of your body is showing off the shoulders during an evening out. This black dress can work to accent the collar bone and can come together with a long necklace, strappy heels and gold handbag.

 Off the Shoulder Dress, also comes in teal & hot-pink $88.00

Womens Sandal, also comes in multicolor, white & light-pink $44.99

Michael Kors Gold Clutch w/ Chain, also comes in black, silver, rose-gold & red $178.00

Kendra Scott Wyndham Gold Long Pendant Necklace, also comes in silver $120.00 

How do I stand out while staying age-appropriate?

Our next question is from Stephanie. She asks how to find clothes that will help her stand out while also being age-appropriate and reasonably priced. I believe fit and tailoring are two of the most important aspects to think about. You want clothes that are really going to fit well or are tailored to fit like it is custom made. Take it to the tailor and make sure that your sleeve length isn’t too long, your pant legs fall at just the right spot and that it sits at the waist comfortably. To be unique, look at original pieces that not everybody’s wearing or take a trend and wear it differently. You can get more inspiration from privately owned boutiques than mainstream stores. Consignment and thrift stores are also great places to find these unique hidden gems. 

For an example of pairing past and present trends, this yellow vintage baby-doll dress goes well with a trendy straw bag. Finish the look with a pair of simple heels and an elegant single pearl necklace.

1960s Mellow Yellow Vintage Babydoll Dress $68.00 

Handwoven Round Rattan Bag w/ Leather Straps $28.99

fashion guide shoes

Abella Blair Sandal Women’s Shoes, also comes in a darker brown $39.99  

fashion guide necklace

18K Gold Freshwater Cultured White Pearl Necklace $59.00 

Please keep the questions coming, I love to answer your style and fashion questions. Thank you to Prime Woman’s guide to fashion. We are coming out with videos every Thursday, so please like, comment, subscribe, and stay stylish until next time.

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