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Like Mother Always Said: What We Still Remember

It's Mother's Day! If you're like us, you have that in-brain home movie running, flipping through all of the advice/sayings your mother said, perhaps a very long time ago. We thought it would be fun to put together "a Mother's Manual" of sorts. We polled our writers, and our readers,…
  • Prime Women |
  • May 11, 2019
April Highlights
Personal Growth

Editor’s Note: April Highlights and a Look at May

Spring has Sprung! We’ve been happily shifting our seasonal editorial focus back to topics that embody the ‘F’s of warmer months: fun, fashion, fitness, and food! Some of our best stories this month were centered around healthy diets and staying fit. We found answers to “what do I eat”, from…
  • Prime Women |
  • May 5, 2019
Can't Lose Weight

Beyond Diet and Exercise: Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You’ve tried dieting and exercise but you can’t lose weight—those first several pounds or the last stubborn few just won’t budge. You might be making the best food choices and sweating through every session with your personal trainer, but other behaviors might be sabotaging your efforts. 1. Eating While Stressed…
  • Tracy March |
  • April 15, 2019
Make Good Habits

How to Make Good Habits

Congratulations! You want to align your lifestyle choices with your vision of your best self. That’s also called habit change—and you’re ready to do it. Let’s not sugar coat the truth. Making positive change can be challenging. Your brain is in charge, and it will always default to the familiar.…
  • Tracy March |
  • March 20, 2019
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