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8 Top-Rated Products To Soothe Thigh Chafe This Summer

Summer days are right around the corner, and it's time to start planning trips to the pool, beach, or golf course. While it's easy to take care of our facial skin with sunscreen or a cute sun hat, some other self-care measures aren't as easy to manage. Whether you're wearing… Read more


Top 5 Foods That Cause Brain Fog

Some days you just can't quite get it together. You can’t seem to focus on one task, and you can't find your keys - again! After several cups of coffee, you still can’t get out of your funk. You have trouble paying attention and cannot think clearly. It’s brain fog!… Read more

Anti Aging

How Estrogen Deficiency Can Affect Your Skin – And What to Do About It

You probably know estrogen as the hormone that kickstarts puberty and regulates the menstrual cycle. But did you know that this helpful hormone does so much more? In fact, our hormones have a huge impact on our health, and estrogen, in particular, helps manage our metabolism, insulin sensitivity, body weight,… Read more


European Summer Trips Post-Covid

As soon as we started this article, every travel plan changed again. The revolving door of where Americans may travel has caught us erasing half this article, rewriting, erasing again, and here we go.  We are focusing on travel to Europe because it's the most popular summer destination for Americans.… Read more


Graduation Gifts for High School Students

When I first had children, everyone told me to savor every day because I'd be amazed at how fast time flies by. And, like everyone else that was ever given that advice/warning, I knew it was probably true, but the milestones felt so far off it didn't seem possible. Fast… Read more


Fight Aging With Stretching

You know how important incorporating physical fitness can be for your health, but you may not know how very important stretching is as we age, Stretching will keep you flexible, ease pain, improve your balance and keep you physically active for many years. The benefits  of stretching can’t be overstated.  The… Read more


The 16/8 Intermittent Fasting Method

Intermittent fasting is a health trend that has taken the world by storm. Many people swear by this approach to eating to help them lose weight, boost their metabolism, and possibly even help them live longer. There are many different approaches to intermittent fasting. One is not necessarily more effective… Read more


Create a One-Of-A-Kind Gift for Mom

This post is sponsored. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a gift for your mom. Especially if she already has everything she wants or if you are on a budget. One gift that never fails to make her smile is something that comes from the heart and will remind… Read more