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Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Women that are over 50 enjoy effortless hairstyles that speak to their no-fuss lifestyles, and they require looks that are chic, low maintenance, and elegant. If you are trying to find a new cut that’s suited to your next stage of life, here are some of our favorite flattering hairstyles… Read more

Skin Care & Make-Up

Best Memorial Day Sales for Home, Fashion, & Beauty

While your Memorial Day will most likely be spent enjoying family and fellowship while attending a parade, picnics, camping, or out on the water enjoying some sunshine, it's also an excellent time to check out some great deals. As we head into the summer, take some time to get your… Read more


Cool-Wearing Pajamas for the Dog Days of Summer

While tank tops, sundresses, and other summer-style staples can help keep us cool during the day, that doesn't always do the trick after the sun goes down. Something always seems to mysteriously turn up the heat in our body temperature at bedtime. So where are those cool-wearing pajamas?! Most of… Read more


5 Secrets of the Stylish Woman You Can Steal

There have been many different fashion styles women have adopted over the years. However, when you see a stylish woman, no matter her age, you know it. She exudes glamour, confidence, and elegance no matter what she is wearing! Whatever your style may be, there is a great way to… Read more


What is Dirty Fasting?

Many dieters sing the praises of intermittent fasting. This is a practice of dedicating specific windows of the day to fasting and not fasting. It allows the body to use up its sugar stores, so it starts burning fat.  If intermittent fasting isn’t working for you, you may want to… Read more


7 Scary Thyroid Symptoms You Need to Watch Out For

Too many times, the natural process of aging is blamed for troublesome symptoms. How often have you heard someone refer to their age as the reason for their forgetfulness or insomnia? Perhaps you have blamed your fatigue as an unavoidable part of getting older. Unless you know you have a… Read more

Beauty & Fashion

Best Bandage Dresses for Women Over 50

Many people believe you have to have that perfect younger body in order to wear a bandage dress. However, we believe that your confidence and personal choice trumps any rules that society tells you. Still, if you're thinking outside the fashion box, there are a few dos and don'ts to… Read more


Fight Aging With Stretching

You know how important incorporating physical fitness can be for your health, but you may not know how essential stretching is as we age. Stretching will keep you flexible, ease pain, improve your balance and keep you physically active for many years. Simply put: the benefits of stretching can't be… Read more